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Quality policy

The basic guideline of the quality system is the idea that the quality of  services can only be achieved by including all functions as well as all employees in the company MOS SERVIS d.o.o., by including quality into planning the execution of new services, executing standard services and preventing the recurrence of errors by constantly updating the system with the aim of achieving improvements.

It is the obligation of all employees to contribute to the continuous development and improvement of the services to the best of their ability.

Quality also means reliability and security, future orientation and openness to changes and improvements.

All activities in the company are carried out in order to meet the requirements of the customer and to overcome the differences between the technological possibilities and the wishes of the customer.


    MOS SERVIS d.o.o. believes in the philosophy of the policy of comprehensive quality assurance and therefore directs all its efforts and available resources into approaching, following and complementing it constantly.

  • to recognize, satisfy and exceed the requirements of the customer and the strategic markets.
  • to achieve excellence in the company’s operations.
  • to achieve a recognizable company name in the strategic markets.
  • to provide a pleasant working environment for employees and the wider community,
  • to constantly inform and motivate employees so that they can reach their highest abilities and potential,
  • constructive cooperation with suppliers and contract partners,
  •  to always keep your word and offer high quality services at an affordable price.