Lift & Park

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Lift & Park

  • In the harmony with nature, you can double your parking space by using the product Lift & Park. It is a smart and green solution, made almost entirely with recycled materials.
  • Lift & Park is intended for everyone who wants a discreet and rational parking system for parking cars at home, on their weekend or for business purposes in companies, hotels and others.
  • Lift & Park is also intended for the transport of cargo/goods between height levels.
  • It allows the user to park two cars in the space of one (one car in the lower garage – lower platform and another car on the upper platform – at 0 ground level).

Lift & Park includes the installation of the mechanical construction together with the electrical cabinet, control panel, ventilation, lighting, safety sensors, and other equipmet. The product is manufactured and installed in accordance with EC Directive 2006/42/EC.

The position of the control panel adapts to the functionality and configuration of the ground space.

At the user’s request, Lift & Park can be equipped with a roof plate and an electric charging station. The upper platform can be covered with grass, cobblestones or asphalt.