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Industrial transport technology

Airport transport technology

Process & Application Engineering


Metal structures

MOS Servis d.o.o. provides electrical and mechanical installation of new equipment, conversion/completion of existing equipment and maintenance work in various industrial sectors including:

  • Materials handling
  • Airport logistic
  • Process engineering
  • Robotics
  • Metal structures
  • Photovoltaic

On the basis of your technological requirements, comprehensive documentation and a visit to the development site, we prepare an estimate of the costs of installation and a proposed timetable of works, introduce you to the project team (project leader, site manager, group leaders, fitters, etc.) and provide a breakdown of the necessary equipment (lifters, scaffolding, fork-lifts, etc.), so as to ensure the completion of the work to the required level of quality within the envisaged time limits and within budget. All of these measures allow us to reduce as far as possible the risk of unforeseen situations and complications and the resultant increases in the costs of your investment.